Talking Points
May 2017

Summer is quickly approaching, but we still have so much to share before everyone ventures off for vacation. Which is why we’re back with another edition of Talking Points. Don’t miss this month’s resourceful topics.

In our New Developments article, we pass along some valuable questions to ask whenever you receive a new assignment, approaching a performance review, or simply want some helpful feedback. Learning the right questions to ask, and the right time to ask them, can put you on the path to even greater success.

Next up is our Trending Topics article, and it covers something that appeals to all of us—marketing results. We examine marketing measurement, common mistakes and misperceptions, and the actions you can take to avoid falling victim to them.

Finally, old meets young in a tale of rebranding in our Parting Shot. We take a peek at Kit Kat’s marketing, peel back the wrapper, and discover a rapper. That’ll make more sense when you see the video. Trust us, it’s worth a look.

As always, we offer up these articles to engage your curiosity, open your mind, and maybe get you to think a little more about your own marketing. Remember, keeping yourself informed about the latest trends and practices helps you keep your customers thinking about your business. If you’d like to see us cover a particular topic, just ask. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas. In the meantime, please enjoy our May Talking Points issue, and we’ll check in with you again next month.

Sheila Hatch
President | Decca Design

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