Talking Points
September 2017

Summer is here. The thermometer continues to rise, and not surprisingly we’re back with three new hot topics for August for our summer edition, so let’s get started.

It seemed like a perfect time of year to take a look at vacations and what really happens when people decide not to take them. This month’s New Developments article explores why taking time off is essential to staying productive and saving money.

Brainstorming is a vital business tool. However, we often forget to use these helpful tricks to do it more effectively. Our Trending Topics article can help with this. We outlined five brainstorming exercises your team can use to generate more productive ideas.

If you do happen to leave for vacation, here are some clever ways to write your out-of-the-office reply. Our Parting Shot article shows you how others are using theirs to entertain, network, and even generate new business.

There is no shortage of cool business issues we can cover. As always, though, we can use your help. If you think up any topics, or trends you would like to read about, please send them our way. Until then, enjoy your summer Talking Points issue and we’ll be back with more articles in fall.

Sheila Hatch
President | Decca Design

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