Talking Points
May 2016

Spring is here. The weather is getting warmer and our days are getting longer. Which, in theory at least, should give us plenty of time to read the new issue of Talking Points.

Everyone wants to become more creative. But did you realize one way to accomplish that is by getting more frustrated? It’s true, and we’ve got a TED Talk to prove it. You won’t want to miss this curious conversation.

Brand equity isn’t always beneficial. Sometimes you’re better off ditching that equity and going back to the drawing board. This New Developments article discusses 6 reasons why a new name and identity might be good for your business.

To wrap things up, we call on the power of words. We’re sharing seven motivational thoughts and images to help inspire you during your workday and beyond. Perfect for your desktop. Even better for your work week.

We share these articles with you each month in hopes to provide you with marketing insights and a few laughs. We think April’s Talking Points does just that, but we always like to know what you think. Send us your thoughts, and we’ll see you again in May.

Sheila Hatch
President | Decca Design

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