Talking Points
April 2017

It’s Spring time, and it’s also time to spring into another edition of Talking Points. Take a read below at the topics we’ve chosen for this month’s issue.

Moving on to our New Developments report, we examine the reasons why some brands erode and other brands flourish. Revealing the heart of a brand is the challenge, and we offer up some questions that can help you get there.

To kick things off with our Trending Topics article, we look at Facebook and how it’s emerging as a serious player in video marketing. We’ll discuss optimizing your video for this skyrocketing social media platform.

Finally, no Talking Points issue would be complete without a fun Parting Shot. This time around we call on the famous singer-songwriter Adele to teach us some invaluable lessons about knowing your audience, and promoting your brand.

Talking Points is our way of bringing you marketing news and ideas that can help you stay current, reach customers, and help your business be more competitive. If there’s a topic you’d like to see us cover, let us know. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas. For now, enjoy our April issue, and we’ll be back in May with more great stuff.

Sheila Hatch
President | Decca Design

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