Talking Points
April 2018

Spring is underway, and the articles are in full bloom at Decca Design. April’s Talking Points touches on three of marketing’s most colorful topics.

Trending Topics looks at the cold, hard data behind content marketing. A new study from Growista reveals what marketers are dying to know—what content gets shared the most.

Social media seems to be in the news more than ever these days. For many reasons. The New Developments article highlights nine, from fascinating features to frightening trends.

Parting Shot looms large this month, in more ways than one, with a giant gorilla making a big splash. It’s the story of a pirouetting primate, his pool, and how the video made viral history.

We’re not quite sure how we’ll top a dancing gorilla next month, but that won’t stop us from trying. In the meantime, happy reading. See you in May.

Sheila Hatch
President | Decca Design

Trending Topics New Developments Parting Shots