Talking Points
October 2019

September has arrived, summer is ending, and school is back in session. Which makes this the perfect time for a few lessons in creative expression. Talking Points takes on three of them in this issue.

Creative inspiration can come from anywhere. But you rarely hear “Netflix” as a source. Surprisingly, Trending Topics shows how their streaming programs can stimulate creativity.

Our New Developments feature explores how you can design for color vision deficiency. We offer several tips for making websites and other online communications stand out without relying solely on color.

Finally, Parting Shot explains how you can relax in a productive way. We share some curiously compelling websites that offer the perfect momentary diversion from your nonstop work schedule.

Creativity is always one of our favorite topics. But there are so many. If you have a subject that tugs at your curiosity, please let us know. Meanwhile enjoy September’s Talking Points, and we’ll circle back around next month.

Sheila Hatch
President | Decca Design

Trending Topics New Developments Parting Shots