February 2020
Talking Points
You may notice that Talking Points looks a little different this month. We're excited to launch our new design, and are quite proud of how it turned out. We'd love to hear what you think.
Let’s kick off this brand-new decade with a brand-new issue of Talking Points and three brand-new articles all about—you guessed it—new ways to brand your business.
Trending Topics
Wondering where marketing is headed in 2020? Trending Topics has the answer. From data and AI to agility and transformation, we single out marketing's five most compelling trends and what they mean for you.
5 Marketing Trends for 2020
5 Marketing Trends for 2020
See why marketing keeps getting more sophisticated.
New Developments
Have you heard the term "dynamic data?" New Developments shares how Alaska Airlines is using dynamic data to generate more bookings today, and what kind of novel promotions we can expect to see tomorrow.
Northern Lights and Novel Ideas
Northern Lights and Novel Ideas
Dynamic data gets a promotion. It's only the beginning.
Parting Shot
Every February, football fans across the nation tune in to see which team wins the Super Bowl and which company airs the best TV commercial. You know the game's result. Now Parting Shot has the results from the ad battle.
The Best of Super Bowl LIV
The Best of Super Bowl LIV
The Super Bowl is over. The biggest battle wasn't on the field.
That sums up our February Talking Points issue. We hope you learned a few things you didn't know before. We hope you enjoyed the new design as well. Again, feel free to share your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback on our new look, our topics, or anything else. We'll be back in March with another new issue.

Sheila Hatch, President | Decca
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