July 2020
Talking Points

One silver lining to all this time we’re spending at home is that people are reading more. With that in mind, we bring you three new features to read, and each one is guaranteed to pique your marketing curiosity.

Let’s kick off this brand-new decade with a brand-new issue of Talking Points and three brand-new articles all about—you guessed it—new ways to brand your business.
Trending Topics
First up is Trending Topics. This month, we take you on a tour of potential ways to more closely align your marketing strategies with the buyer journey as it evolves over time.
Trending Topics
Marketing to Self-Directed Buyers
Buyers are behaving differently. You should too.
New Developments
Moving on to our New Developments article, we offer up a few tips on how to sharpen your presentation skills and transform yourself from a good presenter into a great presenter.
New Developments
Becoming a Powerful Presenter
Don’t just present to people. Engage them.
Parting Shot
This month’s Parting Shot introduces Buzzword Bingo. We share several “marketing phrases turned clichés” that you should avoid in your communications.
Parting Shot
Don’t Let Your Words Grow Tired
Take precautions so you don’t fall victim to clichés.
When you have a chance, give each one a glance. And if there are other marketing topics you’d like read about, let us know. In the meantime, we’ll get busy on next month’s issue, and we’ll see you back here then.

Sheila Hatch, President | Decca
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