November 2022 Edition
Talking Points

Are you all set for the holidays? It’s a big time of year for those of us in marketing. And because of that, this month’s Talking Points issue has giftwrapped some intriguing topics and is delivering them to your email box.

Let’s kick off this brand-new decade with a brand-new issue of Talking Points and three brand-new articles all about—you guessed it—new ways to brand your business.
Trending Topics
Our Trending Topics article looks at the sustainability movement and the role that marketers can play in it. We spotlight the most relevant findings from Forrester’s new report.
Marketing Practices
Forrester reports on sustainability in 2022.
New Developments
The New Developments feature explains why creative work is an often overlooked, yet vitally important, element of your marketing strategy. It details how you can use creative work to drive better outcomes
Creative Habits
How to give your ideas greater impact.
Parting Shot
As always, we close with our Parting Shot. This month, we spotlight Black Friday by revealing curious truths and sharing several historical details you may not have known about this colorful and storied tradition.
Black Friday
There’s more to it than great bargains.

We hope you find our November Talking Points issue genuinely enlightening, as well as a little entertaining. If you can think of any topics you’d like us to cover in our next issue, we’re all ears. Enjoy your holidays, and we’ll be back with another new issue not too long from now.

Sheila Hatch, President | Decca

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