Talking Points
July 2019

We’re half way through June, and the calendar seems to be flipping faster than ever. So, let’s not waste another moment before getting to this month’s Talking Points, because we’ve got some good ones to share.

First up is our Trending Topics article. We examine the call-to-action, explaining why most are ineffective, and suggest a few things you can do to get more customers to click through.

Our New Developments feature has one goal in mind—helping you look more professional on your video calls. We run through a helpful list of issues to address before you dial in.

For our Parting Shot, we return to the ever present, yet often neglected, call-to-action. Spotlighting unique examples, we hope to prove that applying a custom approach will help you attract more customers.

Enjoy our June issue, and we’ll circle back in July with more thought-provoking topics.

Sheila Hatch
President | Decca Design

Trending Topics New Developments Parting Shots