Talking Points
November 2019

As one season transforms into another, we thought this would be the perfect time to bring you three stories of transformation. We think all of them are fascinating, and each shares a valuable lesson.

Trending Topics takes on the sensitive subject of masculinity in marketing. While sexy stereotypes still sell men’s products, many evolved brands now showcase average Joes in their digital ads and commercials.

The Monopoly Man steps aside as Ms. Monopoly bursts onto the scene and busts through the glass ceiling. In this New Developments, we share something long-overdue in both the board room and in board games.

We couldn’t let the October issue slip by without a Halloween piece. Parting Shot starts with Halloween’s ancient origins and explains how it transformed over time into the holiday we celebrate today.

It’s no tricks and all treats this month. We hope you enjoy reading about our transformative topics. If you have any thoughts on what we should cover in November, please let us know. Until then, have a scary but safe Halloween, and we’ll be back when it’s time to talk turkey.

Sheila Hatch
President | Decca Design

Trending Topics New Developments Parting Shots