Talking Points
February 2023

Don’t Overlook the Value of Creative

The New Developments feature explains why creative work is an often overlooked, yet vitally important, element of your marketing strategy. It details how you can use creative work to drive better outcomes

Digital Marketing Tactics for 2022

In our New Developments story, we look at the 9 most effective digital marketing tactics for 2022. We cover tips on social media marketing, website updates, tailored content, and a host of other digital marketing best practices.

It’s Time to Master Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Next up, we offer some helpful suggestions on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in our New Developments article. We pass along five tips to get your business started on doing the right thing in a responsible way.

Boost Engagement Through Personalized Experiences

Our New Developments feature covers the importance of zero- and first-party data to build reader relationships, offer compelling experiences, and monetize connections. It’s valuable information in the face of fierce competition for audiences, not to mention ongoing privacy issues.

Social Media Trends: 2022 Edition

New Developments

Our New Developments feature dives further into this year’s new trends by exploring what’s ahead for social media. You’ll learn about what social channels are doing to improve viewer and customer experiences.

Advice on how to connect with 4 generations of customers

New Development

Our New Development highlights the results of new market research into the four generations of customers: Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer. Some conclusions you might expect (Boomers like TV commercials); others, you might not expect (email is effective for all generations). Read, learn—and market accordingly.

Virtual Events Are Up 1000%—It’s Time to Fight Digital Fatigue

New Developments

During the past year, we’ve all been bombarded by virtual events and meetings. So, our New Developments article examines online fatigue and suggests a number of things your company can do to address it.

Branded Content Done Right

New Developments

Our New Developments feature showcases several brands that have used content marketing with great success. They’ve employed a mix of marketing tactics to create content that’s both relevant and engaging.

Becoming a Powerful Presenter

New Developments

Moving on to our New Developments article, we offer up a few tips on how to sharpen your presentation skills and transform yourself from a good presenter into a great presenter.

Standing Out with Digital Experiences

New Developments

Our New Developments feature has just one goal in mind—helping you stand out in a very noisy digital world. We run through several ways to capture and maintain customer attention in today’s chaotic digital landscape.