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April 2018

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  • Use Body Language to Build Your Brand Any good speaking coach will tell you that your success relies not only on what you say, but how you look when you’re saying it. Your audience picks up on visual cues to assess whether they like you, and whether they trust what you’re telling them. Those cues also impact your personal brand. Consider these statistics* ... Read More
  • A Brief Guide To 2018 Graphic Design Trends In the era of digital art, graphic design trends come and go. Sure, some trends stand the test of time, but others vanish in the blink of an eye. New design trends are emerging and there’s one thing they are not—boring. This is beginning to look like a year of design experimentation and wild imagination. ... Read More
  • Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Your Brand Thanksgiving Day is a terrific opportunity for your company to share appreciation for customers and employees. Doing so can lift the holiday mood, make staff more productive, and impact your brand in a positive way. With the holidays already upon us, it’s time to consider how your business can gain the goodwill of customers, employees ... Read More
  • 5 Scary Good Digital Marketing Campaigns Halloween isn’t just for trick-or-treating. The holiday can present a sales opportunity for almost any business. In fact, with Halloween spending expected to reach beyond $8 billion dollars this year, it’s second only to Christmas in terms of commercial success. Marketing departments should take notice of these examples and consider how they can take advantage ... Read More
  • Social Listening Is Social Marketing’s Secret Weapon Social media marketing is different in that your audience gets to talk back. Which is why approaching social the same way you approach traditional advertising won’t work. Successful social marketing requires a two-way conversation, that includes talking…and listening. Social listening data is gold to the social media advertiser because it allows companies to respond to ... Read More
  • 6 Great Reasons You Should Get Away Skipping that vacation this year? Regardless of your reason—busy workload, want to impress the boss, saving up your days—postponing your vacation can do more harm than good, to both you and your employer. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before deciding to let another year slip by without a vacation. 1. Vacations ... Read More
  • Make Your Meetings More Effective Few things are as painful as attending a bad meeting. The meeting starts late. The agenda is unclear. The person in charge loses control, or nothing gets accomplished and you waste an hour of your valuable time. By practicing the following tips you can make sure all your own meetings run more smoothly. These strategies, gleaned ... Read More
  • 8 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Boss We typically hear from our supervisors when a) we screw up, b) we execute an assignment perfectly, or c) we get called in for a performance review. But getting honest input from our supervisors can enhance our relationship, reduce stress, and advance our careers. Here are a few key questions you can ask that will help ... Read More
  • The Path to Brand Admiration Brands earn their reputations over time by delivering products and services customers can rely on. However, things change. For instance, in generations past, one of the biggest brand names was Sears. Today, it’s Amazon. So why do some brands fade while others rise from nowhere? Let’s take a quick look. The Brand Destruction Playbook Returning to Sears ... Read More
  • The Data Behind the Super Bowl Ads Now that Super Bowl is behind us, we thought it would be fun to share some facts about the TV commercials we all watched. Here are the top 11 metrics that sum up the marketing on Super Bowl Sunday. 1. The top hashtag garnered nearly 28 million mentions. The most tweeted hashtag didn’t belong to a corporate ... Read More

Parting Shot

  • Branding Colors That Matter Some brands are instantly associated with colors. That’s often a primary objective as companies seek to take advantage of the psychological impressions colors have on us. Color can subliminally communicate security, responsibility, value, or other traits. You should always consider the impact of colors before determining which ones work best for your business and its ... Read More
  • Nine Big Predictions For Social Media In 2018 We’ve discussed social media technology and graphic trends. What about social media trends? What are the passing fads? What’s here to stay? What is likely to emerge? This infographic by Filmora that lists nine trends to keep your eyes on this year. Some of the highlights include video trends, augmented reality, AI, and the increased involvement with “dark social.” Take a ... Read More
  • The Busy Company’s Guide to Giving Back Generosity is good for your company’s image, and even better for its soul. Whether your business volunteers its staff, sponsors a donation drive, or simply cuts a charitable check, it’s certain to make the holidays merry and bright for both those on your payroll and those in need. For inspiration, here are a few ideas ... Read More
  • Top Decca Halloween Stories We’ll Never Forget What better way to wrap up this month’s issue than with a few stories from the Decca staff? We polled the team for its most vivid recollections from Halloweens past. Frightening moments, fond memories, cool costumes, stuff like that. Then we shared them on the Decca Facebook page for our fans to vote on the top ... Read More
  • The Allure of Social Media Are you curious to know what B2B marketers are doing on social media? We’ve spotlighted the latest stats and emerging trends from the Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report in this hot new infographic. Take a look, and discover how companies like yours are going social. Read More
  • Making Out-Of-The-Office Messages Memorable Your out-of-the-office message doesn’t have to be boring. Here are several clever examples to inspire you the next time you write your own. The Social Media Booster. Hey, there! I’m out of the office this week, but my Twitter signal is always on. Seriously, I’ve got robotic wonder thumbs! (No, not really.) I never fail to tweet ... Read More
  • Funnyman Will Ferrell Implores Students To Forego Their Fears Will Ferrell passed along an important piece of wisdom to University of Southern California’s class of 2017—don’t be afraid. When first starting out as a comedian, many thought he wasn’t that funny. Journalists criticized him and fans insulted him, but Ferrell didn’t quit. Because greater than his fear of failure was a fear of not ... Read More
  • Kit Kat Goes Viral with Chance the Rapper Kit Kat is an 81-year-old brand. Not exactly the thing a younger audience is looking for. However, by courting an influencer, mix-tape artist Chance the Rapper, and taking advantage of social media, Kit Kat is hoping they can appeal to Generation Z and young millennials. Hershey knew its Kit Kat consumers skewed very young, even if its ... Read More
  • Branding, A New Hit from Adele Adele had you at “Hello,” but her meteoric comeback after three years of silence involved far more than lyrical stories and an amazing voice. This remarkable Grammy-winner is also one of the savviest marketers in the music business, and we can learn some valuable lessons from her branding strategy. She’s Strategic Her promotional tactics were precisely calculated. ... Read More
  • 2017’s Bad Lip Reading of the NFL Bad lip reading in the NFL is back. We showed you the 2016 version a year ago. Now we return with the 2017 edition. And the footage is as clever and as hilarious as always. The Super Bowl may be over, but NFL lip reading lives on. Watch the video here, and have a good ... Read More

Trending Topics

  • Components of Building Brand Value It’s hard to plan your marketing without first understanding your brand’s value. About 80% of marketers say brand awareness is one of their greatest differentiators. Yet, 76% can’t tell you what percentage of customers can actually pinpoint what their brand is. That’s why assessing brand value is so critical. You can’t know what to say ... Read More
  • Use AI-Assisted Creativity For Better Social Media Ads Social media is transforming the way you connect with your target audience, and if it’s not, it should be. Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows you to create, test, and optimize your social media ads. Powerful creative, assisted by AI, not only shows what performs best; it also helps you refine how you engage customers. Creative Ideas Matter The right images in social ... Read More
  • 5 Creative Trends Transforming the Marketing World The word “transformative” may be as overused as “game-changing,” but it wouldn’t be a reach to use either when describing our current creative renaissance. Previous creative renaissances have been driven by technology, and this one is no different. Contemporary media currently provides so much opportunity for today’s creative marketers and may soon offer even more. ... Read More
  • Dark Data Sheds Light on Customers Are you using dark data? You should be. Simply put, dark data is your company’s unused data. In other words, it’s all the information you have at your disposal but somehow fail to access. IDC says 90% of this data is never analyzed. Online reputation management (ORM) is fixing that by helping companies make sense ... Read More
  • Social Media Channels Are Making Big Changes Did you know social media now boasts over 3 billion users? Or that YouTube is adding chat features? Changes are everywhere in the world of social media, so we thought the timing was right to catch you up on all of the latest social media trends for B2B marketers. The social media universe is 3 billion ... Read More
  • How To Brainstorm With Purpose At first, “brainstorming” sounds like forced collaboration. Although, once you break the ice and get employees thinking, you can often solve your company’s challenges. The best brainstorms however, require a mix of creative strategies to ensure you look at problems from every angle and come up with original solutions. Here are five exercises to help ... Read More
  • How To Turn Consumer Distraction Into Action There are more ways to reach consumers than ever before. The downside? They’re harder to engage than ever. The onslaught of digital devices and the volume of content we view on them have created more choice. Mobile engagement takes up 60% of our time online and roughly 85% of that involves an app. With our ever-shrinking ... Read More
  • Common Mistakes When Measuring Marketing Success When it comes to measuring your marketing, analytics are everything. They’re how you improve performance, optimize your spending, and create better customer experiences. Fortunately, marketers now have access to more audience and performance data than ever before. To be useful, though, that data should be correctly consolidated, processed, and interpreted. To help you accomplish that, ... Read More
  • Hot Tips for Facebook Videos Facebook is a rapidly growing video hosting platform, sneaking up on both YouTube and Vimeo. Its 1.7 billion (and climbing) monthly active user audience proves it. If you’re not already taking a closer look at using the social media giant to expand your brand, you should be. With that in mind, here are some helpful ways to ... Read More
  • 5 Easy Ways to Deal with Tough Work Weeks Stress and work often go hand in hand. For many, as they say, it comes with the job. Experiencing stress doesn’t mean you hate your job, it simply means your ability to cope with your daily dealings could be better. When you’re in the middle of a bad week, here are a few tips that ... Read More