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December 2018

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  • The Recipe for a Bad Brand Experience In a recent study published by customer experience expert InMoment, consumers report that unpleasant interactions with company staff is the #1 cause of bad brand experiences. That should open some eyes. The report was based on data from a survey of 2,000 consumers and 1,000 employees of US companies. Three out of four consumers (74%, to ... Read More
  • Meet the 3 Conversion Amigos Wherever there are low conversion rates, broken links, or ineffective call-to-actions, you will find the three conversion amigos—dynamic heatmaps, Google Analytics, and visitor recordings. These three give your website the help it needs to combat low conversion rates. Does your site have conversion issues? Conversion issues come in all forms—cluttered landing pages, confusing navigation, poorly written copy, ... Read More
  • How To Survive The Post-Vacation Blues With the holidays upon us, we typically think about the people we’re grateful for. This year, why not consider a gift to our environment? These days, our environment is under increasing strain. Carbon emissions are rising, litter is gathering on land and at sea, plus bee and other populations are declining. But there’s reason for hope. ... Read More
  • Use Color and Typography to Your Advantage Color and typography are typically the first two features people notice in advertising. They set the tone for your entire brand. A serif font, for instance, conveys a sense of history and experience. Sans serif fonts, on the other hand, make a brand seem more casual and contemporary. Check out this animated infographic, “Design Matters: What ... Read More
  • Getting Strategic with Instagram Hashtags Posts with at least one hashtag get 12.6% more engagement, but engaging viewers on an application with 800 million users is no small task. Which is why using hashtags is critical for growing your brand. Hashtags get you more likes, comments, and follows. Here are some sample approaches to get greater engagement: Users can now follow hashtags Instagram ... Read More
  • 40 Alternative Email Openers First impressions matter. Especially in your emails. You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention and your opening line can often make the difference between getting read and getting deleted. How many times have you clicked open an email to read, “I hope you’re doing well,” “FYI…,” or “Read below”? If you’re more personal, or original ... Read More
  • 9 Hot Social Media Updates for 2018 I’m sure you’ve all been hearing a lot in the news regarding the latest Facebook privacy controversy, however we have some other interesting news in social media we would like share. Every year, the social media world changes. That’s no exception for 2018. So, if you want to know how your business can capitalize on ... Read More
  • Use Body Language to Build Your Brand Any good speaking coach will tell you that your success relies not only on what you say, but how you look when you’re saying it. Your audience picks up on visual cues to assess whether they like you, and whether they trust what you’re telling them. Those cues also impact your personal brand. Consider these statistics* ... Read More
  • A Brief Guide To 2018 Graphic Design Trends In the era of digital art, graphic design trends come and go. Sure, some trends stand the test of time, but others vanish in the blink of an eye. New design trends are emerging and there’s one thing they are not—boring. This is beginning to look like a year of design experimentation and wild imagination. ... Read More
  • Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Your Brand Thanksgiving Day is a terrific opportunity for your company to share appreciation for customers and employees. Doing so can lift the holiday mood, make staff more productive, and impact your brand in a positive way. With the holidays already upon us, it’s time to consider how your business can gain the goodwill of customers, employees ... Read More

Parting Shot

  • The Brand Experience Meets the Jack-O-Lantern Just when you think you’ve seen everything, an Instagram video proves you wrong. IPG agency Jack Morton is a global marketing firm that specializes in brand experiences. Each October, they select a jack-o-lantern they feel best expresses a brand experience. And this year’s winner is a doozy! It features Netflix’s smash-hit series, Stranger Things and the ... Read More
  • Which Metrics Matter to Marketers and Executives? B2B marketers and business leaders don’t agree on everything. And one of those things, if you listen to a recent Spiceworks study, is the importance of lead and engagement metrics. Based on a May 2018 survey that polled 185 marketers at North American and European B2B technology companies, the data shows that marketing professionals believe ... Read More
  • Check out Decca’s New Creative Dojo Decca’s creative space has recently gone through its own design re-haul. Being in Downtown San Jose’s SoFa District, it’s important that our space reflects a hip and cool vibe indicative of the area. It was time to say goodbye to Decca’s office furniture and renovate with a sleek new look. So, what’s changed? Our personal workspaces, ... Read More
  • 10 Standouts from the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival Since we featured the Cannes Lions Festival in our Trending Topics article, it only made sense for us to cap off this issue of Talking Points with a look back at this year’s top winners. The show spotlighted a broad range of marketing campaigns and innovative ideas in every category that could very well change ... Read More
  • What If the SF Giants Were Fans Instead? For many professional baseball players, life without the game is hard to imagine. From the time they are kids on the diamond, baseball is a year-round pursuit. And for those with promise, there is often no Plan B. The San Francisco Giants, however, have answered the hypothetical question “What would I do without baseball?” in ... Read More
  • Ways to Help Your Community This Summer Here at Decca, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to give something back to the community we call home. Each month, we strive to find some way to help our community. Recently, our client Cisco pledged $50 million dollars to help fight homelessness here in Silicon Valley. That’s huge! The Mercury News reported that ... Read More
  • The Making of a Viral Video If you’re like most marketers, you already know that using video is vitally important to your company’s marketing. So, what makes a video go viral? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so simple. Many factors play into a video’s popularity. To discuss them all might require a dozen Parting Shots. Instead, we’ll focus on just one example for ... Read More
  • Branding Colors That Matter Some brands are instantly associated with colors. That’s often a primary objective as companies seek to take advantage of the psychological impressions colors have on us. Color can subliminally communicate security, responsibility, value, or other traits. You should always consider the impact of colors before determining which ones work best for your business and its ... Read More
  • Nine Big Predictions For Social Media In 2018 We’ve discussed social media technology and graphic trends. What about social media trends? What are the passing fads? What’s here to stay? What is likely to emerge? This infographic by Filmora that lists nine trends to keep your eyes on this year. Some of the highlights include video trends, augmented reality, AI, and the increased involvement with “dark social.” Take a ... Read More
  • The Busy Company’s Guide to Giving Back Generosity is good for your company’s image, and even better for its soul. Whether your business volunteers its staff, sponsors a donation drive, or simply cuts a charitable check, it’s certain to make the holidays merry and bright for both those on your payroll and those in need. For inspiration, here are a few ideas ... Read More

Trending Topics

  • Brand Experiences Outlive Customer Journeys Once upon a time, brands and customers had a transactional relationship. People would buy products, enjoy a positive experience, and return for subsequent purchases. Nowadays; however, the brand relationship is formed by developing an ongoing presence in the lives of customers. Creating that presence isn’t always easy, but below are a few tips that will help. Know ... Read More
  • Don’t Ruin Good Data with Bad Reporting We live in a world of data. However, to extract value from that data we must compile it, analyze it, and report what we learn. Reports often fail to deliver critical insights or, worse, go unread. Follow the seven reporting habits below to help produce valuable reports and transform data into an insightful story. Know your ... Read More
  • Why You Should Give Your Business A Makeover You’ve read the countless articles on why your business needs to evolve. But have you read any on why your office space should evolve as well? Your office is the physical presence of your company. It shapes your visitors’ first impressions and influences your employees’ moods and productivity. If you renovate correctly, it can benefit ... Read More
  • Themes and Trends at Cannes Lions 2018 At the Cannes Lions marketing awards this year, big tech dominance and diversity were on display. Some of the prominent themes included social activism, transformative innovation, inclusion and diversity, and channel innovation. In its highly emotive campaign The Talk, for example, P&G explored the history of racial bias in the United States. Google’s campaign My ... Read More
  • Building Your Dream Team Have you ever been part of a dysfunctional team? Different work styles can create obstacles, and personalities can clash. So, why do some teams perform like well-oiled machines while others are ticking time bombs? Typically, it comes down to four critical factors: Process Each team member should have clearly defined responsibilities, both individually and collaboratively. When teams ... Read More
  • 15 Ways to Calm Presentation Nerves Few things spike the anxiety needle like having to talk before a crowd. Typically, however, fear of public speaking is a result of not adequately preparing for your presentation. Here are several steps you can take to calm your nerves and build your confidence. Practice, Practice Don’t wing it. Write your speech—or at least, an outline—ahead of ... Read More
  • What Content Gets Shared The Most? Social media marketing is all about clicks, likes, and shares. Do you ever wonder what content gets shared most on social media platforms? Do certain formats, message lengths, and search rankings lead to a higher number of shares? All good questions. To help answer them, data researcher Neil Growista evaluated 50,000 pieces of content that garnered ... Read More
  • Components of Building Brand Value It’s hard to plan your marketing without first understanding your brand’s value. About 80% of marketers say brand awareness is one of their greatest differentiators. Yet, 76% can’t tell you what percentage of customers can actually pinpoint what their brand is. That’s why assessing brand value is so critical. You can’t know what to say ... Read More
  • Use AI-Assisted Creativity For Better Social Media Ads Social media is transforming the way you connect with your target audience, and if it’s not, it should be. Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows you to create, test, and optimize your social media ads. Powerful creative, assisted by AI, not only shows what performs best; it also helps you refine how you engage customers. Creative Ideas Matter The right images in social ... Read More
  • 5 Creative Trends Transforming the Marketing World The word “transformative” may be as overused as “game-changing,” but it wouldn’t be a reach to use either when describing our current creative renaissance. Previous creative renaissances have been driven by technology, and this one is no different. Contemporary media currently provides so much opportunity for today’s creative marketers and may soon offer even more. ... Read More