Talking Points
December 2023

Video Test

Walmart has gone Hollywood, but not the way you might think. In a new campaign for its free grocery pick-up service, the big-box behemoth has cast, not famous faces, but famous cars. We’re talking the Batmobile, the Ghostbuster’s Hearse, Knight Rider, and even Doc Brown’s time-traveling DeLorean from Back to the Future. The 90-second spot… Read more »

YouTube Test Post

Office Humor

In this month’s Trending Topics, we talked about humanizing your brand. A big part of that is creating a culture that frees your employees to express themselves. We found a great article from Forbes on this very topic. It discusses how office humor not only creates a likeable brand, but also makes employees more productive…. Read more »

The Power of Infographics

We’re talking about the effectiveness of infographics in this issue, so Vince has found one that explains why your brain craves these visually stimulating and persuasive displays. Got a favorite app or an idea for Vince’s Corner? Drop a line at

Eight Ways to Raise Your Game

We’re always trying to improve ourselves professionally by setting new goals and finding ways to gain new perspectives with an eye toward greater achievement. Here are some suggestions on how to avoid pitfalls along the way and reach new heights at the same time. Think Differently Step back and think about what you do now… Read more »

B to B Marketing Trends for 2013

Each new marketing year brings a reflection on the past and a look at ways to improve during the months ahead. Predictions abound, so it is incumbent on us as marketers to sort out the most useful and promising information. What we are seeing so far includes a more strategic use of social media, more… Read more »