Talking Points
July 2024

Pandemic Zoom Bloopers

Parting Shot

Finally, our Parting Shot shows you just why it’s so important to remain self-aware while on camera at home. One careless slip-up could transform you into an overnight, viral internet star on YouTube.

We’re All Familiar with Virtual Presentations – Here are a few Reminders to Ace Your Next One

Trending Topic

This Trending Topic has been on everyone’s radar for over a year now, and that’s knowing how to present virtually with success. So, we offer several helpful ways to keep your audience engaged and involved.

Virtual Events Are Up 1000%—It’s Time to Fight Digital Fatigue

New Developments

During the past year, we’ve all been bombarded by virtual events and meetings. So, our New Developments article examines online fatigue and suggests a number of things your company can do to address it.