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5 Marketing Trends for 2020

5 Marketing Trends for 2020

Integrated Data Takes Over

In 2020, more organizations will leverage customer data platforms (CDPs) to create highly orchestrated customer journeys.

Say “Hello” to AI-Augmented Content

Marketers and CX professionals will create content in tandem with artificial intelligence platforms.

AI understands the emotions that specific words and phrases can evoke

Beyond Digital Transformation

Companies that began their digital transformations early will move on to the next phase of digital maturity—customer experience management.

Agile Marketing Isn’t Slowing Down

Agile marketing will enable the real-time testing, evaluation, and optimization of deployments.

Marketing Becomes A Catalyst For Transformation

Marketing will lead the digital intelligence and transformation charge and usher the rest of the organization forward.

Twelve months from now, it will be interesting to see which of these marketing trends remain strong, and which are replaced by even newer trends. Let’s check then and review how far we’ve come.

Based on 5 Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Business Most in 2020 by Giselle Abramovich.

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