Talking Points
October 2021

We’re All Familiar with Virtual Presentations – Here are a few Reminders to Ace Your Next One

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This Trending Topic has been on everyone’s radar for over a year now, and that’s knowing how to present virtually with success. So, we offer several helpful ways to keep your audience engaged and involved.

Storytelling’s Secret Weapon

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We kick off our October issue with a little branding insight. Trending Topics examines how weaving empathy into your brand storytelling will you help build a deeper connection with your target audience.

Marketing to Self-Directed Buyers

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First up is Trending Topics. This month, we take you on a tour of potential ways to more closely align your marketing strategies with the buyer journey as it evolves over time.

Why Neuroscience Suggests You Think Visually

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First up is our Trending Topics article. This month, we examine why a picture really is worth a thousand words. You’ll learn how one great visual can dramatically improve the way you engage and mesmerize your audience.

Big Brands Help in Big Ways

We begin, as always, with Trending Topics. Businesses all around the globe are coming up with inventive ways to lessen the sting of the outbreak. We’ll touch on a few that are rethinking their business priorities in order to pitch in.

Spring Cleaning Goes Digital

Spring Cleaning Goes Digital

Let’s start with spring cleaning, because it’s time to dust off your digital marketing. Trending Topics offers steps you can take to keep your content, social media, and other digital assets from going stale.

5 Marketing Trends for 2020

5 Marketing Trends for 2020

Wondering where marketing is headed in 2020? Trending Topics has the answer. From data and AI to agility and transformation, we single out marketing’s five most compelling trends and what they mean for you.

Brands Are Getting Simpler

Modernizing your brand identity is often essential in this mobile-first, digital era. More companies, it seems, are moving to simple brand visuals influenced by digital technology. However, refreshing your brand doesn’t come without risks. To illustrate our point, let’s look at Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts). Dunkin’ without donutsIn 2018, longtime donut maker Dunkin’ Donuts dropped… Read more »

Responsible Shopping Returns

Typically, holiday shopping trends tell us what gift items are hot, what crazy deals we can expect to see, and what online sales records will be broken. Not this year. The 2019 trends seem to be focusing more on responsible shopping. Let’s take a look at what we can expect to see this holiday season…. Read more »

The Decline of the “Macho Man”

The role of men in advertising is changing. Where we once saw a ripped Mark Wahlberg or tatted Justin Bieber, we now see a much broader swath of modern males. Hanes, for example, clad every-day men in skivvies for an elaborate musical number. Jockey aired a spot of a man describing his battle with alcohol… Read more »