Talking Points
September 2023

6 Things Successful People Never Do Twice

We all wish we never made mistakes. Especially in business. That’s not likely to happen, but we can learn from our mistakes and do our best not repeat them. Here are 6 things that noted author Dr. Henry Cloud says successful people never do twice.

  1. Return to things that don’t work.
    We may be tempted, but unless the situation has changed dramatically, don’t go back to things that fail.
  2. Try to change another person.
    We can’t change others’ habits. But we can change our approach to them by adapting our tactics to fit their attitudes.
  3. Believe they can please everyone.
    Any good salesperson will tell you that you can rarely please all people. Instead, work on pleasing those who matter most.
  4. Judge a book by its cover.
    It’s in our nature to emulate exceptional people or companies. Still, be diligent and take a deeper, more accurate look.
  5.  Take their eyes off the big picture.
    One battle is not the whole war. Stay focused on your overall goals and vision, especially when branding and marketing.
  6. Choose short-term comfort over long-term benefits.
    Often, reaching a goal requires a painful, short-term step. But more often than not, that step is worth the long-term benefit.



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