May 2024 Edition
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Boost Engagement Through Personalized Experiences

As third-party cookies crumble, privacy mechanisms evolve, and the battle for audiences intensifies, publishers must find new ways to connect with their audiences, monetize that connection, and build compelling experiences. Zero- and first-party data make that possible, laying the foundation for profitable reader relationships.

What are these two types of data?

Zero party data refers to personal information readers intentionally share with your organization. The best way to capture it is to ask for that information in exchange for something of value: a discount code, exclusive access, or personalized recommendations.

First party data refers to data you can capture from metrics on your website, such as user behaviors and referral source.

According to a recent Google report, marketers who integrate first-party data across channels see a 150% boost in cost savings and nearly 300% revenue growth. Some 76% of consumers said that receiving personalized communications was a key factor in prompting their consideration of a brand, and 78% said such content made them more likely to repurchase.

Today’s customers demand personalized experiences and get frustrated when the experiences they get don’t match their expectations. To build profitable relationships with your customers, use the zero-party data and first party data you collect to create experiences your competitors can’t replicate.

Based on Profitable personalization: boosting audience engagement with zero- and first-party data

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