Talking Points
May 2021

Humanity Is Unstoppable

Parting Shot

This month’s Parting Shot wraps up Talking Points with another compelling use of branded content. Every so often, a brand ad comes along that stops us in our tracks. Nike is famous for such ads, and their latest is no exception.

Don’t Let Your Words Grow Tired

Parting Shot

This month’s Parting Shot introduces Buzzword Bingo. We share several “marketing phrases turned clichés” that you should avoid in your communications.

Pedigree Pumps Up Pet Adoptions

Parting Shot

For our Parting Shot article, we explore the newest way you can adopt a pet. Pedigree is supporting contactless pet adoptions by hosting virtual meet-and-greet sessions over video.

Music Brings Us Together

Parting Shot

This month’s Parting Shot hopes to unite us all in song. We selected four videos from the recent One World: Together At Home broadcast so you can hear what today’s top music artists sound like when they perform at home.

Pets Work Wonders

Pets Work Wonders

This month’s Parting Shot is all about the life of a working dog, sort of. We’ll introduce you to some of our new “assistants” keeping us company throughout the day and bringing us some much-needed comic relief as we work from home.

The Best of Super Bowl LIV

The Best of Super Bowl LIV

Every February, football fans across the nation tune in to see which team wins the Super Bowl and which company airs the best TV commercial. You know the game’s result. Now Parting Shot has the results from the ad battle.

Welcome to the Taco Bell Resort

As other digital era marketing trends come and go, experiential marketing has proven its staying power. And Taco Bell has taken the brand experience to new heights by transforming an entire hotel into a mecca for its taco-loving enthusiasts named “The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort.”  • Reservations at The Bell sold out… Read more »

Invite a Puppy for Thanksgiving

Homeless puppies are coming home for the holidays. An animal shelter in Virginia, Richmond Animal Care and Control, is asking residents to host their unadopted pups for Thanksgiving week. They’ve promoted this program for four years running to give dogs a break from the shelter, learn more about each pup’s personality, and ultimately match them… Read more »

How Halloween Came to Be

Halloween is looming. Children are readying their costumes, families are carving their jack-o-lanterns, and neighbors are decorating their houses with all sorts of ghosts, ghouls, and the like. But Halloween wasn’t always like this. Here is some surprising history and curious facts you may not have known about this haunting holiday we call “Halloween.” Halloween… Read more »

How to “Take Five” When Working

Studies show that to remain productive, we need to take brief breaks from our work projects. But what can you actually do with 5 minutes of free time? Checking your email counts as work. Scouring social media seems a little mundane. We’ve got a better idea. Check out the websites below. You’ll be way more… Read more »