June 2023 Edition
Talking Points

Six Things You Should Know about Post-Pandemic Events

With concerns over COVID-19 beginning to wane, many event planners and attendees are returning to live events. As the trend continues, we’d like to share our six tips for getting back into the social mix.

Know everyone’s motivation

Think about your reasons for returning to live events. Know what you’re trying to accomplish. And assess why your audience wants to be back. Understanding these things will help you map out your event and communications strategy.

Don’t box yourself in

Get a sense of how your attendees and employees feel, whether it’s through surveys, polls, or picking up the phone. Always have a back-up plan. And consider holding a hybrid event as an option to keep everyone happy and secure.

Always stay safe

Stay abreast of COVID safety guidelines. Get familiar with venues, maximum capacities, contracts, and insurance. And work out a safety plan with your event partner so you can reassure your attendees about their safety and comfort.

Virtual events are here to stay

There’s no doubt that we still need virtual events. Face-to-face communication is incredibly valuable, but even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Cisco predicted that consuming videos would account for 82% of internet traffic by 2022.

Partners make perfect

Selecting the right event partner will build the momentum you need to create a successful and effective event. Find someone with experience, creativity, flexibility, budget savvy, good communication and collaboration skills.

Stay flexible and know your options

If we’ve learned anything from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that being able to adapt and change quickly is essential. Events require a planning and lead time but remaining flexible will help you navigate those inevitable speed bumps.

Keep these things in mind as you plan your next event. You’ll set yourself up for success and be better prepared for whatever comes your way.

Based on Six Top Tips for the Return to Face-to-Face Events by Corporate Events Services, UK.

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