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Color Trends Emerging this Spring

Color Trends Emerging this Spring

Every year, we see new color trends. So, what’s big in the world of color? Let’s take a look at some popular trends.

Natural Colors

We live in chaotic world. As 2020 unfolds, one of the biggest color trends is all about finding calm within the chaos

You can incorporate this natural trend into your designs by choosing color palettes with greens, blues, creams, and browns that have a calming, soothing effect on your viewer.

Bold, Contrasting Colors

This may seem like a 180 from the previous trend, but in-your-face color palettes will be on-trend this year as well. Provocative and playful are the key words for this trend.

You can incorporate this trend into your designs by pairing bold, contrasting colors with neutrals to balance your color palette and create a look that stands out.

Pairing Color with Texture

One fresh trend in 2020 goes beyond color, that is, pairing color and texture. 3D rendering software makes it possible to simulate material textures such as polished metals, marble patterns, and plasticine surfaces. This intersection of colors and digitally rendered textures is expanding color palettes in previously unexplored ways.

Get Creative with Color

Go natural. Be bold. Add a little texture. We hope these new trends will help your design team experiment with new looks and color possibilities that engage customers and promote your message in a compelling way. .

Based on Spring 2020 Color Trends by Deanna deBara.

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