June 2023 Edition
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Deloitte Reports on 2023 Global Marketing Trends

As you know, with every challenge comes opportunity. And for business leaders and marketers, this year is almost certain to be a challenge. But according to Deloitte’s new global marketing trends report, there are practices and solutions that can help you meet 2023 head on.

Like what, you may be wondering. Well, you can invest in digital technologies or platforms that make you more efficient. You can appeal new customers by exploring different markets or customer personalization. Try improving sustainability within your marketing practices. Tap into the rest of your organization to broaden your creative prowess.

The report offers inspiration and motivation that will help marketers establish considerable and lasting impact. Business leaders and C-suite executives will glean insights from the report as they consider their 2023 business moves. The report outlines solutions, as well, curated directly from leaders and CMOs who have shared their thoughts, predictions, and guidance.

Many marketers are already taking on such efforts, largely because they’re already anticipating the fluctuating and unpredictable economic indicators likely to dominate 2023. So, they’re focusing on investments that will help their organizations stay resilient despite the uncertainty.

Here are a few things you can take away from Deloitte’s findings:

CMOs have identified their top-three overall priorities:

Brands have reported their top three sustainability priorities:

CMOs should consider the following creative strategies:

Keep these points in mind as you navigate the year ahead and your marketing prospects are almost certain to improve.

Based on 2023 Deloitte Global Marketing Trends Report Outlines Opportunities in Uncertain Times by Newsroom.

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