June 2023 Edition
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Digital Marketing Tactics for 2022

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. So, it’s essential to keep pace with the current trends. The list of 9 digital marketing tactics below are destined to be the most effective during 2022.

1. Social media videos

50% of consumers are looking for video engagement. It’s time to use more video in your social media.

2. Better user experiences

Customers have many options. So, it’s crucial to make their website experiences as rewarding as possible.

3. Modernized websites

Nothing leaves a bad impression faster than a dated website. Update yours to make it more contemporary.

4. Digital sales enablement tools

Today’s consumer wants instant solutions. Incorporate digital tools into that make quick service possible.

5. Self-service options

Customers hate wasting time. Self-service options give them fast access to answers, resources, and training.

6. Account-based marketing

This personalized, strategic approach delivers higher ROI than any other type or medium in use today.

7. Market to Generation Z

Generation Z outnumbers millennials by 4 to 1 and uses technology more than any other generation.

8. Leverage paid media

Since the pandemic began, paid media has become an even more competitive medium used by businesses.

9. Tailored content

Tailored content always performs better. Use SEO practices and analytic tools to customize your content.

Traditional marketing continues to give way to social media and other digital marketing efforts. And, in 2022, the tactics we listed are the best way to apply your marketing dollars.

Based on Digital Marketing Tactics that will be most effective in 2022 by Ricardo Kruse.

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