June 2023 Edition
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Northern Lights and Novel Ideas

Northern Lights and Novel Ideas

Travelers are becoming more spontaneous. They’re seeking more experiences, more adventure, and even more enlightenment. Also, people are making their plans early. Alaska Airlines is capitalizing on all of these facts to fill more seats.

Chasing the Northern Lights

Flyers can now escape to Alaska’s winter wonderland for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and a chance to cross off a bucket-list item by witnessing the elusive Northern Lights.

The Advent of Dynamic Data

This is just the beginning for Alaska and dynamic data, and other airlines will surely take notice. In the future, we could see a host of innovative new airfare discounts.

The better the Northern Lights forecast, the more flyers will save

New Marketing Opportunities

With so much forecast, destination, and customer data at their disposal, airlines will soon be able to promote the specific offers flyers are seeking, even at an individualized level.

As travelers, we could see irresistible discounts for events such as the Super Bowl, solar eclipses, and rare wildflower blooms. Airlines will get us there. And dynamic data will make it all possible.

Based on Alaska Airlines Ties Airfare Discounts to Northern Lights by Alaska Airlines.

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