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Social Media Trends: 2022 Edition

New Developments

Just about everyone is predicting a larger reliance on social media in 2022. So, what’s expected to change? And how can marketers find greater success and interaction? Let’s look at the trends you’ll see emerging this year.

The evolution of the main feed is underway

The algorithms are producing more personalization, more privacy, and less targeted marketing. And we’ll see new features continue to roll out.

Social media ads aren’t going anywhere

Twitter expects U.S. ad revenue to grow. The same is true for Instagram and Facebook. That means we can expect more ads in 2022.

Slimmed-down media models will get competitive

As socializing among niche audiences becomes safer, the challenge will be generating revenue. This means marketers must cultivate novel customer experience options.

Social commerce meets customer service

Customers want fast responses to customer service needs. Because social media can address these desires, marketers will benefit even more from social channels.

Calls for social media accountability will increase

32% of teenage girls indicated that their negative thoughts about their appearance were made worse by Instagram. Expect more scrutiny and legislative discussion.

“Influencers” give way to “creators”

Influencers share product experiences. Creators offer product solutions. As a result, creators will build larger followings.

The augmented reality buzz grows

Metaverse hesitancy may change in 2022 as competition grows, and marketers should remain open to experimenting with AR to enhance customer experiences.

Short video adoption will shape video metrics

Thanks to TikTok’s popularity, we’ll see a heated competition to introduce short videos and live streaming capabilities.

Closing the mental health gaps in social media

Creating a productive customer environment means preventing troll-like behavior from disrupting DMs and filtering out abusive behavior.

Taking a hard look at customer connections

Marketers may have to be selective with the platforms that connect them to their audiences. They can now use metrics to assess engagement decisions.

Based on What Social Media Trends Will Emerge for 2022? by Pierre DeBois.

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