May 2024 Edition
Talking Points

The Best Commercials from Super Bowl LVII

The Super Bowl is the NFL’s showcase production. But football is only half of the story. The commercials in between the touchdowns and punts are what have people talking after the game. So, we’re counting down the top spots that are firing up this year’s water-cooler conversations.

1. The Farmer’s Dog – Forever

2. NFL – Run With It

3. Amazon – Saving Sawyer

4. Dunkin’ – Dunkin’ ‘Drive Thru’ starring Ben

5. PopCorners – Breaking Good

6. Bud Light – Bud Light Hold

7. T-Mobile – Neighborly

8. He Gets Us – Be Childlike

9. Disney – Disney100 Special Look

10. Workday – Rock Star

According to Complete results, 1 through 51, from USA TODAY Ad Meter’s Super Bowl commercials, USA TODAY, February 13, 2023.

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