June 2023 Edition
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Tips for a Better Community Service Program

Volunteerism programs, often falling under the aegis of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, offer meaningful benefits to businesses, employees, and the communities served. Here are some tips to keep in mind this summer to help your community service program be a big success.

  1. Honor preferences. Companies should listen to their employees’ preferences when designing community service programs. It’s crucial to get feedback about the program’s structure, alignment with company values, and level of involvement to promote participation.
  2. Offer options. Be sure to provide a range of options for service programs and consider the diverse backgrounds of team members. People are more likely to participate in projects that personally resonate.
  3. Ensure relevance. Community service programs are most powerful when they connect to the company mission and have well-defined goals. Skill-based volunteering initiatives are a great way to do this, helping to drive social impact and keep employees engaged.
  4. Highlight community. Celebrate community service efforts as a team. Such celebrations can reinforce company values and boost team cohesion.
  5. Offer remote opportunities. When remote employees can participate in community service initiatives it helps strengthen bonds within the organization. Although this might require additional logistics planning, it allows the entire team to contribute to the community together.
  6. Underwrite volunteerism. Providing employees with paid volunteer time can boost a company’s brand and attract top talent. This not only encourages giving back but also incentivizes participation in organized local activities.
  7. Gain leadership support. Gaining executive support for community service programs is critical to maintain employee enthusiasm. You can increase managerial buy-in by showing that these programs contribute to leadership development, team spirit, and community development.
  8. Widen opportunities. By selecting a type of community service activity that has a universally relevant theme, such as a global food drive, you make it easier for everyone to contribute while having fun.
  9. Utilize skills. Skill-based volunteerism programs leverage employees’ special skills, benefiting both the community and the company.
  10. Leverage networks. Activating a network of diverse stakeholders, including employees, customers, and suppliers, fosters innovative community engagement. Encourage participation in employee-nominated nonprofits and volunteer events that align with brand values to inspire broader involvement.

Based on 10 Crucial Tips For Companies Creating Community Service Initiatives by the Forbes Human Resources Council.

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