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December 2023

How To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew – A Marketing Success Story

Talk about breaking out of your comfort zone. I saw this video but was hesitant to actually try it. Still, I was curious to see if it actually worked. So I selected a bottle of wine I wasn’t particularly enamored with, and chose a wall outside, just in case. Well, guess what?

It worked!

It took a few more thwacks than shown in the video, probably because I was somewhat tentative at first. But now I can show off at outdoor parties.

This video from Stephen Cronk of Mirabeau Wine, a small producer in Provence, is a true marketing success story. Operating on a minimal budget for his new winery, Stephen marched forward with low-cost, social media videos, posting them on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

He developed a simple formula and stuck with it. The videos needed to be:

  • Useful to nearly everyone
  • Completely original
  • Subtly humorous, entertaining, and brief
  • Embedded in his website
  • Optimized for search

He produced over 200 short videos, tweaking them as he went along. At first, he didn’t see results. But he kept at it. Then this particular video went viral. It now has over 4.2 million views and climbing. As Stephen put it, “So after 222 videos, and just over 3 years of working on our social media and marketing activities, we’re an overnight success!”

With media outlets all around the world picking it up, Cronk credits the video’s success with helping him to get his products into chain store outlets that wouldn’t previously consider his wine. Jennifer Williams of Verilliance said, “This story is a good reminder for businesses and organizations investing in social media. Even with guiding formulas, there is no such thing as overnight success. The Mirabeau Wine example is a perfect example of that. It takes a lot of trial and error, practice, serendipity, consistency, and commitment.”

I’m going to watch his other videos. I wonder if he has a wine club I can join?

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