June 2023 Edition
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Virtual Events Are Up 1000%—It’s Time to Fight Digital Fatigue

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Being able to sift through the constant barrage of digital data is becoming more difficult, and more tiring, as our time online increases. In fact, by 2022, we could be spending as much as a third of our day consuming digital media.

In order to combat virtual fatigue, companies need to prioritize human interaction. Think creatively about how you create experiences for customers, and even your employees – it will impact both your brand and your revenue.

Use experiential outreach

Physically seeing a brand will have a more lasting impact on customers. Creating an emotional connection with your brand can have a 306% higher lifetime value, producing greater customer loyalty. Even if that connection is digital, such as a virtual wine tasting, experiential touchpoints that evoke positive emotions will help your brand stand out to your digitally fatigued customers.

Build trusting relationships

Building trust is a much taller hurdle in the virtual world. Customizing relevant content for personalized experiences, however, will help you overcome this challenge. Using CRM tools and other methods can help you produce personal touchpoints that establish you as a valuable partner in the eyes of your customers.

Don’t forget your workforce

Physical touchpoints and trusting relationships matter to your employees, too. They experience fatigue working from home, with a reported 69% of them suffering from burnout symptoms. This isn’t good news for business since happier employees are more likely to create positive customer experiences. Invest in your virtual culture to make sure your employees aren’t feeling ignored or underappreciated.

The “human-to-human” era is here

Help fight the digital fatigue. Remember to create positive experiences and physical touchpoints with both customers and employees. If you do, your efforts will be rewarded.

Based on the article How to Overcome Virtual Fatigue by Developing a Human-to-Human Approach by Kris Rudeegraap.

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