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Why Neuroscience Suggests You Think Visually

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The Power of Human Visual Memory

Human memory has evolved in a way that emphasizes the processing and storing of visual information. Studies have demonstrated that people are much better at remembering pictures than they are at remembering words. In fact, our image recall is so detailed that we can distinguish between images we have and haven’t seen before. Which is why, as marketers, it’s important for us to create visual-first marketing experiences if we want our businesses to be memorable. Here are a few helpful ideas.

Pair Information with Images

When information is accompanied by an image, recall of that information improves significantly. When publishing a piece of content, think about the ways you can use visuals to help illustrate the information you want to communicate.

Make Images Meaningful

Use only relevant, high-quality photos. Steer clear of stock images, especially those unrelated to your content. To make the greatest impact, select images thoughtfully, and opt for original photos, illustrations, or data visualizations.

Create Multi-sensory Messages

Stimulating multiple senses—sight, hearing, etc.—at once can also make your messages more memorable. Digital experiences like videos and interactive graphics play a role in strengthening visual cues and improving visual memory.

So, if you want to improve audience engagement—and, ultimately, make your brand more memorable—the science is clear. Think visually and your marketing will experience greater success.

Based on Why a Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words According to Neuroscience

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