June 2023 Edition
Talking Points

Pets Work Wonders

Pets Work Wonders

With most of the world working from home and adjusting to their new environments, many are also having to adjust to their new “coworkers.” Take a look at Decca’s very own furry assistants bringing us joy as we all get through this together.

Augie – I sleep where I want, when I want

Britney – The overachiever

Button – Little Miss #WillWorkForSnacks

Chiquito – Look! I’m sitting. Where’s my snack?

Kailani and Dakota – Is it lunchtime yet?

Kalia – Co-worker of the day, every day

Maggie – But if you are home, why don’t you throw ball?

Oliver – Our newest Cat-vertising Executive

Tiger – The pro-cat-inator

It goes without saying that our pets are enjoying the time together with their families and we couldn’t be happier for them.

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