Talking Points
May 2024

Adweek’s Brightest Ads in 2016

There’s no denying it—2016 was a trying year. Fortunately, we had some clever and engaging advertising to entertain us, inspire us, and take our collective minds off other concerning matters. Here is Adweek’s list of the 10 best spots of 2016. They feature comedy, drama, and just about everything in between. Plus, they shine a light on many of the year’s cultural touch points. Please take a moment to click and enjoy.

Under Armour, ‘Rule Yourself: Michael Phelps’

Audi, ‘Duel’

Nike, ‘Da Da Ding’

Sandy Hook Promise, ‘Evan’

H&M, ‘Come Together’

Jeep, ‘Portraits’

Kenzo, ‘My Mutant Brain’

Morton Salt, ‘OK Go: The One Moment’

Old Spice, ‘Rocket Car’

Apple Music, ‘Taylor vs. Treadmill’

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