Talking Points
December 2023

Bring Out Your Brand’s Human Side

Imagine being exposed to 5,000 marketing messages each day. It happens. We can thank the Internet for that, along with the fact that our computers, tablets, and phones make it possible to interact with our favorite brands wherever and whenever we wish.

This ongoing dialogue is great news for businesses. But it’s not enough to simply be “out there,” because customers can tune out just as easily as they tune in. Brands now need to be more human. Marketing is no longer merely about selling. It’s now about building customer relationships. Do that on an emotional level, and loyalty will soon follow.

Humanizing your brand, however, takes work. And because you know what’s coming next, let’s cut to the chase and dive right on in to the tips.

Know your brand.
You can’t make your brand more human unless you know where it’s failing to be human. Take a good long look at your brand’s true personality, and consider how it can be more inviting and engaging, in every marketing medium you use.

Know your customer, too.
Customers can tell you a lot about your brand. User-generated reviews and other content open a window into what your customers think about your brand. So take to social media, and see what they’re saying.

Plan Ahead.
Once you know a) how customers see your brand, and b) how you want them to see your brand, figure out how to get from point A to point B. Create a plan that will refocus your message, your personality, and the media you exploit.

Keep it real.
Good relationships are built upon truth, trust, and the exchange of information your customers value most.

Get emotional.
Customers don’t just want to see sincerity. They want to see passion. Showing a little emotion when you talk about your brand will strengthen your connection with them.

Deliver value.
Customers see no shortage of content. So don’t add to the clutter. Instead, offer them something they truly value, whether it’s objective information, something entertaining, or something they’ll want to share with others.

Be responsive.
If customers give you feedback, let them know they’ve been heard. Respond to posts, reviews, and other comments.

Humanize your humans.
Develop an internal culture that rewards employees for understanding your brand personality and living up to it. Encourage employees to bring your brand to life by being as personable as possible when interacting with customers.

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