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May 2024

Go Mobile, or Go Home

While traditional forms of media still have their place, customer interactions with brands and companies are largely digital these days. And with the wealth of data and customer insights now available to marketers, having a digital strategy is an essential component of your survival and growth.

Mobile Usage is on the Rise
Today’s consumers demand what they want, when they want it, in the way they want it. These “wants” are all determined through online interactions. And most of them are happening on mobile phones and tablets. Many of us spend so much time glued to our mobile devices that a big part of our brand experience happens on a small screen. So, if you don’t integrate a mobile strategy into your marketing strategy, it’s likely you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Mobile Strategy
Keep in mind, not any mobile strategy will do. It needs to be the right mobile strategy. A successful strategy is one that:

  • Recognizes ease of use for customers who are spending more and more time on their smartphones.
  • Uses apps and content to engage your audience.
  • Makes digital advertising techniques work to your advantage.

Apps Increase User Interaction
If your mobile strategy consists solely of a mobile-enhanced website, you’re missing the chance to interact with your customers in other vital ways. Apps are growing ever more popular. So by building an app with functionality that increases user interaction, you can develop a following of loyal and frequent users.

Mobile Targeting
So when planning a digital communications strategy, smart marketers are including mobile tactics. Mobile marketing has a huge potential to break through the clutter. It targets potential buyers with relevant brand messages at the moment, in the location, and on the device where they can be their most effective.

Don’t Get Left Behind
It would be great if there were a surefire formula for creating a mobile communications strategy. There isn’t one. Success won’t happen overnight. But our world is going mobile. There’s no question about that. By shifting your focus to mobile tactics, your marketing dollars won’t be wasted, and your brand won’t be left behind.

Based on Are Digital Efforts At The Center Of Your Brand’s Strategy by Joy Armitage. 

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