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April 2024

Invite a Puppy for Thanksgiving

Homeless puppies are coming home for the holidays.

An animal shelter in Virginia, Richmond Animal Care and Control, is asking residents to host their unadopted pups for Thanksgiving week. They’ve promoted this program for four years running to give dogs a break from the shelter, learn more about each pup’s personality, and ultimately match them with the right family.

The opportunity benefits hounds and humans alike

  • Puppies spend playtime in yards with loving humans and experience life beyond the shelter
  • Hosts enjoy having a playful guest in the house during the holiday
  • The shelter connects with a new group of potential adoptive families

The program has been a holiday hit

  • Pets stay with hosts from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to the following Wednesday
  • The shelter provides food, medication, a crate, and any other supplies needed
  • In the first year, 35 pets were welcomed into homes, and more than half were adopted

It’s a fun and unconventional approach to fostering for people who might otherwise hesitate to get involved. If something like this appeals to you, consider reaching out to your local shelter to see if they might be interested. It could provide you with a new reason to give thanks on Thanksgiving.

Based on Dozens Volunteer to Entertain Lonely Shelter Pets for the Holidays by McKinley Corbley.

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