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April 2024

Spice Up Your Holiday Marketing

Getting your marketing ideas to stand out is always important. It’s even more essential during the holidays. So make this holiday season memorable for both your company and clients. Here are 15 quick ideas to get you started.

1. Express Gratitude
Send a personalized holiday greeting to customers or those who have impacted your business. Thank them for their business or contributions, particularly those who’ve remained loyal for a long time. Show them your appreciation.

2. Get a Jump on Things
Want your customers’ undivided attention? Alert them ahead of time about upcoming promotions before they become innundated by other holiday messages.

3. Inspire Sharing
Create an infographic with fun holiday facts. Publish tasty recipes on social media, or suggest gift giving and decoration ideas.

4. Offer Gifts
Did you know people prefer free gifts to discounts and useful information? Offering complimentary gifts brings prospects one step closer to becoming customers.

5. Make a Week of It
Turn one day promotions into a week-long promotion that include discounts, giveaways, and other incentives.

7. Throw a Party
Nothing beats face-to-face interaction. So host a live event if you can, and invite local partners and customers to celebrate with you.

8. Leverage VIPs
Want to make that party even more enticing? Invite a special guest. The chance to hang out with a local celebrity will generate greater attendance.

9. Create a Video
Video performs better than most other types of content. Producing one can be very involved, or very easy, and the results are worth the time and effort. Don’t forget to post it on Social Media.

10. Open a Hotline
Customers like live support. So set-up a toll-free hotline to provide customers with answers and provide troubleshooting.

11. Run a Contest
Come up with a holiday theme and catchy name. Use social media to spread the word and be sure to follow up with the results.

12. Get Technical
Recommend a list of apps that will save your audience time, energy, or money during the holidays, and they’ll surely be grateful.

13. Set an Example
Want to encourage others to be generous during the holidays? Show them how by participating in a food drive, volunteering for charity, or hosting a fundraiser.

14. Be Social
Use your social media channels to post an image or comment each day about something your company is thankful for.

15. Prepare Now
If you want these tactics to be effective, start now. Preparing early will ensure your efforts get noticed, and get results.

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