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May 2024

2019 Top Rated Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl LIII promised to be no different from past Super Bowls. Family and friends will gathered, cooked way too much food, and huddled in front of their big-screens to take in the year’s most anticipated TV spots with brief interruptions of NFL football. Just like previous Super Bowls, we’re here to spotlight the championship game’s top brand commercials of 2019. Humor and celebrity appearances take center stage in this year’s group of favorites.

Tom Hanks received 9.1 million views when he narrated iconic moments in a tribute to journalists from all outlets in the Washington Post’s 60-second ad.

Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys gained 8.8 million views by joining forces for an over the top performance praising Doritos’ new Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavor.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges received a whopping 8 million views for their famous roles as Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude to swap their signature drinks for Stella Artois.

Budweiser gained 5.1 million views by targeting socially conscious beer drinkers with a Bob Dylan classic and an adorable Dalmatian, ears flapping in the breeze, to make a pitch for its wind-powered brewing.

Pringles gets 4 million views in its off-beat approach that made a quirky Alexa-like virtual assistant the star of its spot. Those who streamed the Super Bowl on Apple TV were served personalized versions with the name of their city on top of the creative, as well as featured interactive elements like a QR code that would take you to their online store.

And, finally, Planters peanuts received 2.9 million views on its quest to save Charlie Sheen, A-Rod, and the rest of the world from sub-standard snack foods.

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