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December 2023

The Super Bowl Goes Viral

Do you know which Super Bowl spots are the most shared on social media? We’ve got a list for you, thanks to a new report released by the viral video experts at Unruly. Recently, they published their list of the Super Bowl’s top-10 most-shared ads on social media. Here they are in reverse order.

10. Volkswagen’s “The Bark Side” (2012)
Volkswagen uses a choir of canines to bark a familiar tune—Star Wars’ “The Imperial March.” This video lead to 900,000 social media shares.

9. Paramount’s “Furious 7 Trailer” (2015)
This action-packed film featured Paul Walker’s final acting appearance. Its Super Bowl trailer racked up 1.31 million shares.

8. Chevrolet’s “Needing/Getting” (2012)
Starring the popular band OK Go, and shot inside a Chevy Sonic, this video took 4 months to plan and 4 days to film. It garnered 1.34 million shares.

7. Paramount’s “Fast & Furious 6 Trailer” (2013)
Back at number 7 on the list, the trailer for this sixth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise received 1.5 million shares.

6. Dodge’s “Ram Trucks” (2013)
In this tribute to America’s farmers, venerable radio voice Paul Harvey delivers a moving voiceover. The spot produced 1.9 million shares.

5. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” (2014)
This spot from the King of Super Bowl ads recounts the unlikely friendship between a Budweiser Clydesdale and an adorable puppy. It resulted in 2 million shares.

4. Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” (2015)
During the following year’s Super Bowl, the puppy wanders off and is saved from a hungry wolf by its Clydesdale friend. This spot got 2.5 million shares.

3. Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” (2013)
Budweiser is back at number 3. This time, the famer raises the Clydesdale from birth, says goodbye, and the pair are later reunited. The video tallied 2.9 million shares.

2. Budweiser’s “9/11” (2002)
In 2002, Budweiser acknowledged the 9/11 tragedy by airing its spot only once. The video was aired again on its 10th anniversary, and totaled 3.5 million shares.

1. Volkswagen’s “The Force” (2011)
Bookending the list, Volkswagen returns at number 1. Here, a pint-sized Darth Vader uses the Force on his dad’s Passat, and the ad mustered a whopping 5.3 million shares.

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