Talking Points
December 2023

The Top-Five Reasons We Like Selfies

Snapping selfies and posting them on social media, or emailing them to relatives and friends, has become an obsession for many. But it’s a fun obsession. And it may not be as narcissistic as many people assume. Here are the top reasons we love selfies.

  1. Taking selfies is a tool that grants us a modicum of control (or at least the illusion of it) over our own identities.
  2. There’s something alluring about being able to document yourself in a socially acceptable medium.
  3. You can post selfies to get specific attention or to elicit an instant reaction.
  4. Selfies allow us to change our appearance on personal pages so we never get bored with them.
  5. Showing selfies makes us feel good, especially when we feel we’re not looking our best.

Needless to say, these observations aren’t based on any clinical study. They are simply our opinion. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a date with Instagram.

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