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April 2024

Use AI-Assisted Creativity For Better Social Media Ads

Social media is transforming the way you connect with your target audience, and if it’s not, it should be. Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows you to create, test, and optimize your social media ads. Powerful creative, assisted by AI, not only shows what performs best; it also helps you refine how you engage customers.

Creative Ideas Matter
The right images in social ads can convert prospects into customers. It’s proven that social ads with visuals impact more than those without. For example:

  • On Twitter, tweets with images are clicked 18% more than text-only tweets.
  • Four times as many consumers would rather watch a product video than read about it.

You can take steps, such as determining your best-performing past ads and researching creative trends on social channels. But AI makes data analysis faster and more accurate. Tracking ad performance, benchmarks, social trends, and feedback becomes easier so you can explore your creativity without wasting time or resources.

Testing Takes Effort
Marketers have always relied on A/B testing, but in the fast-changing social ad landscape, two choices aren’t enough. Multivariate testing—testing a variety of headline, copy, visual, and video options—works much better. It predicts performance and reveals which creative appeals most to different target audiences on various social platforms. Yes, it requires marketers to track each aspect of an ad, eliminate low-performers, increase spending on effective ads, and use the data to create new ads. However, by committing to multivariate testing and evaluating your process regularly, your ads will be consistently effective.

Technology Makes It Easier
Very few effective social ad tools are free. But investing in the right tools can result in a positive return on your ad spending. Consider your current social ad tech stack. Do your tools make producing and choosing creative faster? Do they report on your most and least effective ads? Do they automate ad creation and improvement? Do they work across all channels? Few solutions meet all criteria, but you can build a tech stack that works best for you.

These tips can help you deliver visually interesting ads that engage customers in a relatively short time. And with the right approach and the right tools, you’ll be well on your way to effective social media marketing.

Based on Effective Social Media Ads: How to Leverage AI-Assisted Creativity from

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