Talking Points
July 2024

What If the SF Giants Were Fans Instead?

For many professional baseball players, life without the game is hard to imagine. From the time they are kids on the diamond, baseball is a year-round pursuit. And for those with promise, there is often no Plan B. The San Francisco Giants, however, have answered the hypothetical question “What would I do without baseball?” in a new promotional campaign celebrating their 60th anniversary.

Several Giants stars, including Andrew McCutchen, Buster Posey, and Hunter Pence, reimagine how their lives might have turned out without the game they love. One features a very vocal McCutchenas a gym teacher. In another, Pence is a sculptor and audio artist. And Buster Posey, in his spot, leads an alternate life as a top chef. In each video, the players find themselves back at the ballpark, only this time as Giants super fans.

Watch the videos below, and discover just why the Giants titled their new campaign “It Doesn’t Get More SF.”

Based on The San Francisco Giants Perfectly Encapsulate What Their Lives Would Be Like Without Baseball, by Jameson Fleming.

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