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May 2024

Using AI in Social Media, and How Brands Are Capitalizing

Look around, and you’ll notice that artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be touching everything, and social media is no exception. AI is poised to automate marketing processes, deliver new customer insights, and create more personalized experiences. According to Forbes Insights,

“47% of company executives agree that those who don’t integrate AI into their marketing risk losing ground to competitors.”

To illustrate this point, here’s how some brands are already using this powerful tool to engage social media audiences.

  • Social Feeds Are Getting Personal
    Computer software company Oracle, uses AI to apply machine learning capabilities to their social technology to enable real-time, intuitive insights. Quickly reacting to, or even predicting, a customer issue is crucial in today’s modern business. Machine learning algorithms can sift through social feeds to find patterns and recognize current and potential issues, allowing Oracle to build intuitive customer experiences.
  • Image Recognition Expands Social Monitoring
    AI software can recognize people and objects in images with better than 99% accuracy. That means brands are able to expand their social tracking beyond just text and keywords. AI now helps document in-store visits, measure social interaction, and create comprehensive customer profiles. Marketers are now delivering highly-personalized experiences that serve up welcome messages or relevant discounts whenever customers encounter their brands.

AI may seem somewhat cryptic to a marketer, but when you consider the major opportunity it presents—data gathering—AI suddenly makes perfect sense. AI-powered tools save time, and require fewer resources, by automating processes that uncover data on both your customers and your brand. Such data is enabling marketers to identify influencers, customize experiences, and close the gap between social engagements and customer purchases.

Based on New and Exciting Ways Brands Are Using AI on Social Media by Paul Herman.

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