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May 2024

Check out Decca’s New Creative Dojo

Decca’s creative space has recently gone through its own design re-haul. Being in Downtown San Jose’s SoFa District, it’s important that our space reflects a hip and cool vibe indicative of the area. It was time to say goodbye to Decca’s office furniture and renovate with a sleek new look.

So, what’s changed?

Our personal workspaces, for one thing. We now have cool motorized standing desks (Woo-hoo!). So long back pain, and hello productivity. To accommodate our growing team, the art department has a few much-needed, additional workstations, and a more open floor plan to streamline collaboration.

Sound panels were added in the account managers workspaces to reduce ambient noise. New carpet was added throughout our office to help tie in the look of a more unified work space.

Of course, we can’t forget the outside. Lots of team get togethers, beer drinking, wine sipping, ping-pong playing, and corn hole throwing happen on our garden patio. So, it only seemed fair that our garden patio received a modern makeover as well. We poured fresh concrete, added path lighting, re-landscaped with drought tolerant plants, brought in some contemporary furniture, and installed a new fence.

Check out the finished look:

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