Talking Points
June 2024

Kit Kat Goes Viral with Chance the Rapper

Kit Kat is an 81-year-old brand. Not exactly the thing a younger audience is looking for. However, by courting an influencer, mix-tape artist Chance the Rapper, and taking advantage of social media, Kit Kat is hoping they can appeal to Generation Z and young millennials.

Hershey knew its Kit Kat consumers skewed very young, even if its audience didn’t. The challenge was to rework their “give me a break” concept and jingle in a way that younger consumers could relate to, and promoting it via the social media channels they frequent most. In short, Kit Kat gave them what they wanted and found where they hang out. A simple, tried-and-true strategy that still works in the age of digital content.

Check out the video, and see for yourself.

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