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February 2024

Brands with Kickass CTAs

A compelling call-to-action is often the difference between a new customer and a lost opportunity. So, let’s take a look at 11 creative and effective call-to-action examples to help you understand why some CTAs work better than others.

1. Crazy Egg
Simple language, a bullet-proof guarantee, and a curiosity provoking “heatmap” offer make this CTA irresistible.

2. Manpacks
Speaking your customers’ language works wonders. “Building a Manpack” sounds more exciting than buying underwear.

3. GiftRocket
Would you rather “Sign Up Now”or “Send a GiftRocket”? This CTA injects a little fun into an otherwise ordinary gift card.

4. Contently
Here’s an unconventional twist. Rather than offering readers something, this CTA invites input with three simple words: “Talk to us.”

5. Less Accounting
At last, an offer that turns you into us“Let’s Do It!’  implies a kind of partnership rarely, if ever, seen in a CTA.

6. Square
Offering your prospects something they genuinely want increases conversions. Even if your CTA isn’t particularly exciting.

7. Basecamp
Basecamp’s CTA is effective because it reinforces the risk-free nature of its free trial while also using conversationally persuasive language.

8. My Perfect Resume
This CTA isn’t terribly noteworthy. But positioned below the step-by-step graphics, it emphasizes the simplicity of the service.

9. Point Blank SEO
These two CTAs are just plain fun. The first—Be Awesome—is aspirational. And the blog CTA is positively enthusiastic.

10. KISSmetrics
Writing an effortless CTA is also a great strategy. This one’s ridiculously easy. It allows users to just “Log In with Google” and go.

11. Quick Sprout
Offering to solve customer problems improves click-thru rates. So does giving your customers a choice. This CTA does both.

Whatever you end up with, keep in mind that some of the most effective CTAs are clear but specific, and communicate a sense of urgency that engages a user to click. We hope these examples help you the next time your team is brainstorming your next CTA.

Based on 11 Kick-Ass Call to Action Examples (And Why They Work), by Dan Shewan.

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