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May 2024

Online Presentation Do’s And Don’ts

So, you’re about to conduct an online presentation. What should you do? And what should you not do? We have the answers, both in the form of a brief article and an entertaining video.

  • Do use more visuals
    If your slide doesn’t have visuals, or you are using the same visual for too long, your audience’s attention will wander. Try to keep things moving along visually.
  • Don’t forget to highlight your slide’s point
    Remember to graphically emphasize the most important element in your slide. That way, viewers won’t miss your point.
  • Do break for questions
    Online presentations have a certain flow to them. And if you wait until the end of your presentation to field questions, viewers might get bored. Instead, field questions at the end of each section.
  • Don’t forego having a Plan B
    You know Murphy’s Law about things going wrong? It’s a law you don’t want to test. Store your PowerPoint slides on a separate hard drive or even another computer, just in case.
  • Don’t overlook the printout
    Create a printout of your slides in the Slide Sorter view for your reference. The slide number is shown next to each slide, which will make it easier for you to jump between slides when presenting.
  • Don’t skip the rehearsal
    Remember, there are two technologies involved in your presentation—your slide software and the video conferencing software. So run through your presentation beforehand to make sure you’re comfortable with them both.

We found a great informative music video entitled WebEx Presentation Do’s and Don’ts, made by our friends over at Cisco. The video gives some great WebEx Do’s and Don’ts through a fun light hearted musical delivery. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did. Job well done! Enjoy!

Article: Based on 18 Tips on How To Conduct an Engaging Webinar by Olivia Mitchell.
Video: WebEx Presentation Do’s and Don’ts by Michael Gaither, Harold Bell and George Gonzalez.

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